Masdar Almaaden Est.

Definition of the establishment

Masdar Almaaden Establishmentis one of the leading Establishmentis in the field of stainless steel trading in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. established in the middle of twenty-first first quarter, and it begin in the city of Jeddah, and as a result of the success of the project and Establishmentis gained experience and a good reputation in dealings with customers, it opened new branches: [Makkah branch, Medina branch, Riyadh al Shifa branch Then the old Riyadh industrial branch, and then Dammam branch opened, and last branch Jizan branch was opened at the begining of 2020.

Our products:

We always look forward to provide the best services to our customers, companies, establishment and individuals, where we put the interests of customers in the first place in order to provide distinguished and diverse services we offer many varieties of stainless steel, such as: (stainless steel pipes of all kinds – stainless steel squares and rectangles of all kinds – stainless steel sheet of all kinds – Plain and checker aluminum sheet, as well as solid stainless steel products of all kinds(Angles – Flat Bars – Round Bars – Square Bars), as well as stainless steel accessories of all kinds and shapes, in addition to a set of industrial tools. also, we offer delivery service to old and new customers, and in order to meet the needs of our customers, the Masdar Almaaden Establishmentis provid an integrated workshop which offers its services (cutting, denting and designing products according to the customer’s request) using a laser machine.

Establishment features and advantages:

Why was Masdar Almaaden chosen?

1- Our prices are competitive and our offers are attractive, in addition to the delivery service to our customers through our branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2- All sheet, pipes, squares, rectangles and solid stainless steel products such as ” angles – flat bars – round bars – square bars ” were imported from multiple reliable sources from several different countries and from factories that depend in their technical composition of the panels on international standards for all types starting from 304 to 316L as well as special panels With decorations.

3- We work in Masdar Almaaden as spirit of one team, which embodies the principle of Establishment and between employees and their leaders, also between its departments, this has a positive impact on the sales of the Establishment and its employees, so the Establishment enjoys a high reputation among its customer base, as well as Establishment , companies and individuals.


Your visit to one of our branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah – Makkah Al Mukarramah – Madinah – Riyadh – Dammam – Jizan) or your visit on our website or our social media channels, will contribute to our communication with you and meet your needs, and we will receive your comments and suggestions to develop The Establishment for the better, we are committed to continuing to provide products and services that satisfy our customers, and we will listen to find all the solutions that customers need, our primary goal is to be an honest Establishment that customers can trust.