Monika was a polish identity definition “my spirit” when you look at the Polish

Monika was a polish identity definition “my spirit” when you look at the Polish

It is pronounced MON-ee-kah therefore would-be a fantastic choice getting moms and dads whom want to use it antique Gloss first-name due to their child.

Namesakes: Monika is actually brand new princess off Poland and you may a well known figure in Shine records in 14th century. Monika Kaczmarska are a polish artist and you can socialist activist just who struggled with her artwork throughout the Community Battle We. And you can Monika Lewandowska is certainly Poland’s really applauded writers, translators and poets.

fifteen. Natalia

Natalia was a polish label definition “the fresh slandered you to definitely” inside the Polish. It’s obvious NAAH-tah-lee-ah, and it’s really a greatest selection for mothers who would like to play with a timeless Polish first-name for their child.

Namesakes: Princess Natalia Radziwillowicz are the wife out of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski of Poland. She is actually an accomplished poet and philanthropist whom gave most of the her property with the worst shortly after suffering a tragic collision on the ocean together with her partner on the 18th millennium. Natalia has also been title of a seventeenth century Shine little princess who was simply extremely important in the situations regarding this lady nation and you will recognized for this lady generosity.

sixteen. Olga

Olga is actually a gloss title which means “this new blonde” when you look at the Polish. It’s pronounced OOH-lah and is one of the top ten most popular brands in Poland now.

Namesakes: Olga are a good little princess of Poland who was simply child out-of King Wladyslaw II Jagiello while the sister out of Saint Hedwig regarding Kalisz. She existed from inside the 14th century and assisted their prince that have governing Poland during the essential times. And you can Olga Rudge try among the many Englishwomen whom found live in Poland at the end of The second world war, then went on to become one of the primary female meetmindful Profiel physicians inside the European countries shortly after World war ii.

17. Oliwia

Oliwia was a polish identity definition “the newest environmentally friendly” during the Gloss. It’s pronounced OHL-ee-yah, and it’s really utilized one of Poles today instead of new old-fashioned Olga title.

Namesakes: Little princess Olowia Radziwill are the latest daughter of King Wladyslaw II Jagiello additionally the sis out-of Saint Hedwig away from Kalisz. She resided within the 14th 100 years and you may assisted their prince having governing Poland throughout the crucial moments. And Olga Rudge was among Englishwomen whom concerned live-in Poland at the conclusion of The second world war, then went on being one of the first lady physicians inside Europe shortly after World war ii.

18. Piotr

Piotr was a gloss term definition “Peter” within the Gloss. It’s pronounced PEET-uhr and can even become a great choice having mothers who are in need of supply their de. It may sound gorgeous when said having stress on the very first syllable because will bring to mind photo out of geniuses, musicians, intellectuals and individuals having done higher some thing in daily life.

Namesakes: Pope Pius V grew up in Poland and you will supported since the lead of the Catholic Church of 1566 in order to 1572. He could be well-recognized for purchasing a review of the profile regarding their predecessor, Pope Paul IV, and for their initiation of Tridentine Size. And Gloss painter Piotr Norblin written of several canvases within the 19th 100 years that are now noticed masterpieces into the art history.

19. Renata

Renata is actually a shine name definition “the fresh reborn” from inside the Polish. It’s pronounced REN-uh-tah, and it is probably one of the most preferred labels within the Poland now.

Namesakes: Renata Justyna Kuczkowska was a polish dancer who was simply noted for this lady great beauty. She and her spouse was really well recognized for the relationship with Chopin and their love for horses during the basic part of one’s 19th century. And you may Renata can be Gloss to own Regina, however it is different because there are couple similarities between the two labels.

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