I personally use condom, however, after gender I use drugs-Postinor – otherwise sodium and you will liquid or wash off quickly

I personally use condom, however, after gender I use drugs-Postinor – otherwise sodium and you will liquid or wash off quickly

Lookup members indicated strong assistance getting abstinence while the access to condoms, referring to these types of because the not only new trusted types of contraceptive but as the utmost efficacious an easy way to avoid the effects away from unplanned pregnancies. The respondents within their very early many years of studies such as for instance favoured abstinence, that participants have been and the the very least acquainted contraceptive things.

Full, respondent’s narratives found three main birth-control have fun with models, specifically, condom simply, condom otherwise pills, and you can female escort in Greensboro NC condom, pills otherwise douching. One respondent remarked ergo from the her use of the earliest trend:

“I take advantage of coverage, condoms however; I demand one to my partner play with a beneficial condom, given that I do not genuinely believe that a woman condom is sanitary enough”. (IDI, 25-yr old, fourth-year scholar).

Methods of stopping unplanned pregnancies immediately after-gender

Really members suggest some methods of preventing pregnancies immediately following intercourse even if not all measures these are just conventional. Respondents just who didn’t have people expertise in once gender birth control had been seemingly young and you may mostly inside their first year off investigation. The analysis showed that pupils together with used what was locally called “concoction” – a variety of substances that have unverified efficacy, eg salt and warm water, soft drinks, a community style of analgesic known as Alabukun, orange and you will potash, and you may orange and you can Alabukun. Participants was in fact convinced that these types of concoctions had been very efficacious given that after-intercourse contraceptives:

When the unsafe sex happens, instantly, you can find drugs such as orange and you may “Alabukun” meanwhile; it works more often than not. (IDI, 24-year old, fifth-season pupil).

The local methods works. I have tried personally sodium and you may liquids Footnote dos so you can evacuate new jizz. It works. (FGD, 20 year-old, 12 months about three college student).

A nursing assistant immediately following said to take in the combination away from cold “7UP” [a brandname out of carbonated drink] and “Alabukun” Footnote step 3 to completely clean the fresh womb (IDI, 18 year-old, 12 months one beginner).

At the side of concoctions, certain professionals told you they could individually testify towards effectiveness out-of specific low-emergency contraception pills. According to her or him, menstrogen tablets Footnote cuatro , antibiotics Footnote 5 , and you can gynaecosid tablets Footnote 6 was such as for instance efficacious. Some players were not merely familiar with recognized crisis contraceptive tablets (Levonorgestrel (Postinor), like) but got individually made use of her or him.

One of several intimately active participants (letter = 43), specifically those on retirement regarding research, men condom are the most popular contraceptive

The research found that within trip to get rid of unwelcome pregnancy, pupils and used combos which could prove quite dangerous, for example merging non-crisis birth-control pills as to what are revealed prior to as “concoctions”. You to twenty-two-yr old respondent said that for example a combination eliminated people options of pregnancy immediately following unprotected sex:

Menstrogen very first, after that orange and you can potash, can be used to avoid unwelcome pregnancy. I have tried personally which integration also it work (FGD, twenty-two years of age year about three beginner).

For many participants, just what has worked top are a mixture of disaster birth prevention tablets that have non-emergency birth control pills. Overall 23-year-old last-season college student explained, EC tablets for example Postinor We, Postinor 2 “has worked finest when you look at the consolidation” having low-EC medications including ampiclox drugs (antibiotics) and menstrogen.

I could use Postinor immediately, then play with scorching h2o and a lot of salt-merely to make sure. (FGD, 21-yr old, third seasons student).

Plus as an after-gender birth-control routine, professionals reported that the process you to worked for them are instructions removal of your own semen because of vaginal douching after gender:

I remain true immediately and wade the toilet and try to reveal the fresh new jizz. (FGD, 28-year-old fourth-seasons pupil).

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