5. Therefore Wayree (Chain off Revenge) 2020

5. Therefore Wayree (Chain off Revenge) 2020

Paramita are stunning and liked by folks. She is plus the heiress of 1 of your higher-earning home people, New Emperor. Just before she renders Thailand to visit analysis abroad, she’s got a terrible find.

Parin works well with a competing resorts that is trying be on the major regarding hospitality business. When Paramita productivity and you will matches your once more, the woman is reminded of their one-nights sit.

She will get alot more mad when she discovers one to Parin works well with its competition. Commonly these pick love within the an aggressive business community?

six. Trab Fah Mee Tawan (My Forever Sunshine) 2020

Paeng originates from a refreshing family however, are neglected Palm Bay escort within her teens due to this lady mothers being so busy. For this reason, Paeng becomes really spoiled.

Whenever the woman moms and dads tragically pass away, Paeng’s teens friend Arthit have empathy for her and you may attracts their to stay which have him and his awesome friends. Paeng set up a dependence on Arthit and you can really wants to wed your, but Arthit declines.

Paeng explanations Arthit to view a detrimental accident, so this woman is asked to leave their house. In the ages that they are aside, Paeng discovers who the woman is and you will grows herself immensely.

When Arthit’s father requires the woman to come back, she finds out you to definitely Arthit still holds a very deep grudge against this lady.

seven. Payakorn Sorn Ruk (Prophecy out of Love) 2020

Rosita goes into a bad car wreck and recovers having a great special feature: she will be able to now give the future when she satisfies a flower.

She informs a king’s ransom one Theeruth, a famous actor can get a baby from inside the miracle and you will gets your toward dilemmas, which also begins their hate on her behalf.

Years later, Rosita is actually telling fortunes to have well-known stars whenever she’s a good prophecy from Theeruth. She enjoys this a secret, nevertheless seems that some body desires be aware of the facts and you may even desires Rosita inactive.

Theeruth coincidentally preserves their from a detrimental disease and invites the woman to stay with him to keep this lady safe once the everybody knows it hate one another anyway.

8. Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (Off Enemy into the Heart) 2020

Jett detests Sophita since she interfered with his relationship with Rin, their ex boyfriend-girlfriend. Sophita, a manager from the an enormous business features a goal on her straight back.

Jett recently received regarding prison and you may turned into a great gunman having get. He got the work when he realized the target are their ex’s sister, Sophita.

9. Fah Mee Tawan (The fresh Air Has the Sunrays) 2020

Paul is found on good binge for payback. His father remaining him and his mommy for Net and you may took the firm organization that have him, that really belongs to Paul’s mother.

Inside the problems, Paul’s mommy passes away. Many years after, Paul is back so you can allege his right to the firm. Paul as well as is unable to obtain his father’s acceptance whom suggests significantly more want to Nainapha, Net’s observed child.


Fuenglada try a pleasant high school scholar that a very romantic experience of the girl dad. While on their way to select the woman at school, Fuenglada’s dad will get struck by the Taen’s vehicle and you may becomes deceased.

Taen are an abundant widower that have a daughter. Immediately following understanding one Fuenglada would-be ended up selling so you’re able to a criminal, the guy decides to marry this lady although there is a big many years pit.

Fuenglada detests Taen for just what the guy performed to her father and you may Taen will not trust the lady family relations. Because they both start their life together from inside the an adult boy more youthful lady dating, what the results are on the marriage?

eleven. Prom Pissawat (The brand new Fate out-of Like) 2020

Plapol does not have an excellent thoughts of women. The guy believes all women is gold diggers specially when his father re-married a lady one Plapol believes are shortly after their dad’s currency.

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